My first Book Fair with the Hispanic/Latino Cultural Center of New York that included various author's and genres.  It was an amazing evening and very successful and very insightful.  I met some very nice people.

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The Happening is a strange and frightening-fictitious tale that will make you think twice about the world around you. From the onset of this story, things seem quite odd. While you are reading this book, try to understand that things that can be imagined may actually come true. Have you ever wondered if the thoughts that you were thinking were real? Have ever you considered that it may be insight, premonition and signs that lead you to these thoughts? This story illustrates that this could actually be what is happening within the writings of the pages of this book.

From Here to Haiti

Visual Artist and published author Susan Varo introduces her latest creative project of fiction writing.  Along with her book cover art which is designed to offer readers a glimpse into the unknown, it offers a visual experience like no other.

Futuristically Ancient - Online Book Interview

Read what is being said about this Science Fiction Thriller - The Happening!

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Suffice to say; there are things that have truly occurred, which makes what is written about eerie, and not easily explained. This writing, also, demonstrates the very nature of the evils some can do to others just for the sake of their own-personal satisfaction. There are, also, situations that will have results that are in direct contrast to these evil doers, because of the perseverance of the human spirit. Incidentally, the people involved in this tale learn the true meaning of suffering, terror and the fear of the unknown.