Sunrise in Egypt 18"x24" Oil

View Across Colorado River 18"x24" Oil

inspiration for creating a beautiful painting.   Art has that ability to capture that single-impressionable moment and making it stand still in time.  The paint itself lends to the depth and dimension of the work and the colors reflects its surroundings while light and shadow  seems to peek through the crevices bringing life to the finished image.

Landscapes 2

Moonrise 18"x24" Oil

Mountains of Costa Adeje 9"x12" Acrylic

Hot Summer Sunset 18"x24" Oil

Alaska 30"x40" Oil

Travel is a great visual experience for anyone, but it is even more amazing for a visual artist who loves exploration.  Visiting any historical or beautiful place whether locally or around the world certainly  provides enough

Note: All paintings are unframed.

Seagulls 9"x12" Acrylic

Khufu's Pyramid 18"x24" Oil

Moonshot 18"x24"Oil

The Moon 16"x20" Acrylic

Up and Away 18"x24" Oil

In Tulum 18"x24" Oil

Majestic 2 - 30"x30" Oil

Majestic 30"x30" Oil

Menkaure's Pyramid 18"x24" Oil