The Pond 9"x12" Acrylic

Central Park Bus Stop 18"x24" Oil

Purple and Yellow Tulips 30"x30" Oil

Note: All paintings are unframed.

Spring Begins 18"x24" Oil

Red Tulips 30"x30" Oil

Penny Black 18"x24" Oil

bloom just briefly their beauty has to be captured quickly while their petals radiate in the sun with a spectacular brilliance.  All  of these original oil paintings are meant to illustrate the intricate details of each flower by specifically selecting which ones to bring to the forefront.

Upon my many walks, travels and exploring the many gardens of New York City from Central Park to Queens, New York, I was inspired to create some of my most beautiful, and colorful floral pieces.  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.  Their colors range in many shades, and they come in various shapes and vary in texture.  Also, I love animals.  Some of the animals and insects in the paintings were just casually going about their business in their own spaces making it easier for me to include them all.  They compliment the paintings as they are another delicate element in nature that are usually in a floral landscape that we sometimes miss or get to see briefly.  As tulips

White Tulips 30"x30" Oil