Volunteers and supporters, including myself for Senator Jose Peralta for the upcoming election on September 13, 2018.  Met a lot of nice people going door to door and meeting neighbors in my community while asking for their support next month!

Senator Jose Peralta - District 13

In my art studio next to a painting called Red Tabby that is part of the Patterns in Nature series of original oil paintings.

This amazing magazine features so many creative individuals who have contributed so much to the the Queens community and I have the honor to be one of the featured visual artist.

Visitors having a discussion and  enjoying themselves while viewing my art exhibition at Sanctuary Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

Come See Art (Art Lives Here) is part of a collaborative public art installation in partnership with RPGA, Studio, Inc. The concept of this installation is to deceive the viewer into believing a dog named Art lives within.  Inside are miniature canvas panel paintings with actual art instead that are given to participants  to promote the importance of art.

I think art should tell a story but not so much about the artist but also about what they see.  The story is in the subject matter and the details show what is most important and this is usually the initial inspiration.  The completed picture should then tell the story.  Art is a journey and a destination.  Well here's my story in paintings and more.  The journey continues!

Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center and the United Nations.  She has permanent artwork at New York Hospital Queens.

She has formed partnerships with various organizations that include RPGA Studio, Inc.  which allows her to offer visual art to the surrounding community.  Another successful partnership is with Check Advantage (Licensed Artist Series) featuring her artwork on checks, labels and checkbook covers.

Currently residing in Corona, New York, Varo is very active in her artistic community.  She participates in group art exhibitions, collaborates with local artists and volunteers her services when she is available.

When she is not painting she enjoys travel, photography, history, exploration and writing poetry which has been published in the Queens Times.

Photography courtesy of Yvonne Shortt

Being an Artist is all encompassing but painting sets you free!

Meet the Artist

Susan Varo is a self-taught visual artist who has a strong artistic background.  Her early career started at the age of eight.  Always fascinated with color and design, she began drawing cartoons, animals and portraits and her artwork was quickly recognized by her teachers and peers.  In 1974 she received a scholarship to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.  Later in her career, she attended The Center for the Media Arts and worked as a freelancer.

As she continued doing drawings and illustrations, she also began using acrylic and oils to create her works.  Following her heart's desire to fulfill her every dream to create art from life, Susan founded My Works of Art, LLC in the winter of 2006 located in in Corona, New York.  This courageous endeavor has taken her to new heights in her accomplishments.

Nearly all of her many works are created in oils which include portraiture, still life, and landscape created in the style of realism.  There are also various pieces of bold and colorful abstract art in oils and acrylic.

Most of what she paints reflects a specific and special moment in time before it's gone.  Sometimes, it's all about the beauty or the feeling from it.  She wants viewers to see what she sees and feels at the time of creation capturing a lasting impression.  Her inspiration comes from the people she meets, her travels and images that evoke creativity.  Within the past several years she began incorporating travel into her artwork.  Susan has also created art inspired products.
Her many art exhibitions include Red Pipe Organic Café, Local Project, Queens Museum of Art, ( cont'd)

Photography courtesy of Joseph Grant