Black and White 18" x 24"

Michael in Thought 9"x12" Graphite*

Portrait of a King (cont'd)

Michael Jackson in Blue 18"x24"

Michael Negative 2 - 9"x12" Charcoal

Splash 9"x12" Acrylic

Patriotic 18"x24"

Portrait of a King 18"x24"

Little Michael Jackson 9"x12" Graphite

Michael Making History 18"x24"

This continued series of original acrylic paintings and illustrations features a few older renderings using various mediums, consisting of charcoal, marker and colored pencil and glitter.  As many fans are familiar with the "gold pants" they are highlighted here with sparkling glitter to bring a more realistic effect to the painting.

Attending Aids Meeting 18"x24"

Young America Michael 18"x24"

Michael Red and Black 8"x10" Marker *

Olodum 18"X24"

Michael on Stage 8"x10"


Living Off The Wall 18"x24"

Repose Michael 8"x18" Acrylic/ Glitter

Michael in Line 9"x12" Charcoal

Motown Era Michael 18"x24"

Dirty Diana 18"x24"

Who's Bad 18"x24"

Note: All paintings and illustrations are unframed except where indicated by an asterisk.

Mike on the Mic 18"x24"

Michael on Stage 2 - 8"x10" Marker*

Note: All paintings are framed and ready for hanging.

Even Badder 16"x 20"

This series of original portraiture oil paintings are created on stretched canvas using an array of artist oils.  It is a visual tribute to a singer, songwriter, dancer and entertainer who changed the face of music forever. He is a legend and musical icon and continues to set the pace for music, dance, entertainment, philanthropy, style and fashion.  He also achieved immense success and fame that started early in his childhood.  This is Michael Jackson.

Michael Negative 1 - 9"x12" Charcoal

Michael in China 9"x12" Acrylic

Man in the Mirror 9"x12" Acrylic

The Thriller 18" x 24"

​​Portrait of a King

Leaning on the Scene 18"x24"

Michael In The Spotlight 18"x24"