Angels - Donated

Palm Trees - Sold

Maya Angelou - Sold

Sold and Donated

Green Yellow Stripe Blue Top - Sold

My Dory - Donated

Making of a Racehorse - Sold

Red Bananas - Sold

Pomegranate - Sold

Yellow Purple Red Tops - Sold

Rebecca - Donated

Green Orange White Pumpkin - Sold

Jason and Melissa - Sold

Tonalist - Sold

Televisions - Sold

Success Prosperity Congratulations  - Donated

Briarwood Queens Sunset - Sold

Yellow Stripe Green Turquoise Tops - Sold

View from Los Geranios  Aparthotel - Sold

Not all commission works appear in the gallery as  per clients request.

Molly - Sold

Yellow Turquoise and Beige Tops - Sold

Dinner Plate - Sold

A Stormy Ride - Sold

Man in the Mirror 2 - Sold

Emily - Sold

Green Tomatoes - Sold

The Woman - Donated

Sandpipers - Sold