Overripe Eggplants 6"x6" Oil

China Red Year of The Rabbit

18"x24" Oil

Apples and Lace 6"x6" Oil

*Note: All paintings are unframed except where indicated by an asterisk.

Strange Gourds 9"x12" Acrylic

Miniball Moon Spoon 6"x6" Oil

Christmas Presents 18"x24" Oil

Spin 18"x24" Oil

My Limes 11"x15" Acrylic

Strawberry Dish 11"x15"Acrylic

Pretty Plums 6"x6" Oil

Blue Green Purple Tops 4"x6"


Las Frutas 15"x20" Acrylic*

Buttercup 6"x6" Oil

Nightshade 18"x24" Oil

Indian Corn 15"x20" Acrylic*

Lean On Me 6"x6" Oil

The Turban 6"x6"Oil Oil

This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and expressive forms of artwork when creating an original oil and acrylic still life painting.  Part of the fun is organizing the actual objects and observing all of the many textures, patterns and hues and how they play against each other.   The subject matter  creates the feel and sets the tone throughout as the details interacts with all the amazing colors determining the final outcome.

Harvest 18"x24" Oil

Las Bananas 9"x12" Acrylic

Jersey Tomatoes 6"x6" Oil

Still Life